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4 Maintenance Coordination Best Practices for Charlotte, NC Landlords

System - Thursday, February 29, 2024

You expect everything to remain in perfect condition whenever you buy anything expensive.

If not, you'd probably take it back to the shop. And you'd probably notice even the slightest flaw in a new car, piece of jewelry, or gadget, fixing it before it worsens.

Yet, many rental landlords in Charlotte, NC, take unnecessary risks with their priciest purchase: their properties. Don't let that happen to you. Read on to learn about the best ways to approach your maintenance coordination.

1. Create a Schedule

Preventative maintenance means taking an organized approach and sticking to a schedule. When you do that, you reduce the risk of a minor issue turning into a major disaster-and all the costs that come with a substantial repair.

Create an annual schedule for all your maintenance priorities. Store this in an electronic format, like an online portal. That schedule should include all HVAC servicing and basic checks on gutters and plumbing.

Remember that some maintenance, like air conditioning, will need more attention before the peak summer months.

2. Nurture Partnerships With Local Tradespeople

Trustworthy contractors are a massive asset when it comes to property maintenance. Building strong relationships makes you more likely to get reliable service, competitive quotes, and high-quality work.

Plus, using the same people for all your work means they will already be familiar with your property and any quirks or challenges with that building.

Create a network of local businesses and contractors you can lean on for all your property maintenance work. Alternatively, use a property management company like ours, which already has that established network.

3. Use Technology for Greater Efficiency

Logging and tracking maintenance requests can become an admin overhead. It requires organizational skills and a reliable tracking method. Many landlords and property managers have switched to an online tenant portal instead.

It's a more streamlined way of managing your maintenance, meaning all your records are in one place. You can use it to schedule repairs, book times with tenants, and get notifications when an inspection is due.

All this reduces the risk of errors and saves you lots of time.

4. Communicate With Tenants on Maintenance

Tenants may rely on you for maintenance work. However, there are still steps they can take to help improve it.

For example, prompt reporting of an issue is always best practice because it often stops a problem from escalating into expensive repairs. So, educate your tenants on how they can help your maintenance work.

Ensure they know the correct phone numbers to call if there is a problem. And make sure they provide access to the property for any scheduled inspections or urgent work.

Maintenance Coordination: Staying Organized

Maintenance work can be time-consuming on a property, but that doesn't mean it needs to become a burden.

By staying organized with your maintenance coordination, you'll have a streamlined approach and won't forget anything important.

A property management team can take all your maintenance worries away. At Wilkinson Property Management, we have experienced property managers who can organize and oversee all your maintenance needs in Charlotte, NC. Find out more here.