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5 Maintenance Mistakes Landlords Make and How to Avoid Them

System - Tuesday, February 28, 2023

As a landlord, it is your business to find tenants and keep your rental units occupied, especially because Charlotte has a higher-than-average national vacancy rate of 7.12% as of 2019.

If you are wondering how to get your tenants to renew their lease, then you should focus on maintaining your property.

Find out 5 maintenance mistakes landlords make that may cost them a renter.

1. Waiting Too Long to Fix things

Neglecting maintenance requests and not repairing property damage fast can lead to upset tenants and possible lawsuits if someone gets hurt. That is why you should address repairs within 24 hours or immediately for emergencies.

In addition to creating an unsafe situation when repairs are left unfixed, it could lead to more issues. For example, if a toilet is left broken, it could lead to a larger issue with your entire plumbing system.

2. Not Having a Maintenance Processing Procedure

You should have a proper system in place for tenants to request maintenance. This is especially important if you own multiple properties and interact with many renters.

To keep track of your pending and completed maintenance requests use a rental property management company in Charlotte. Your tenants can make requests through a portal. They will be assigned to a technician and then scheduled for repair.

3. Going With the First Maintenance Quote

Property maintenance costs can range according to the task. For example, North Carolina renter law requires a landlord to fix appliances if they provided them.

Buying or repairing appliances can get expensive, especially when added to regular maintenance and renter turnover cleaning. Therefore, finding the best contractor to do the job well and within a modest price range is essential to cut your costs.

4. Letting Tenants Do Repairs

Fixing your property is your responsibility, from having regular property inspections to fixing things that are broken. So, never think that you can let your tenants do the repairs to save time and money.

Inform your renters on how to place a maintenance request, and when a repair occurs, be present to supervise the results.

5. Avoiding Scheduled Maintenance

You don't have to wait for a maintenance request or for something to break to fix things around your unit. Having a property maintenance routine will keep your investment in prime condition so that it is turnkey ready for renters or if you plan to eventually sell the property.

Create a schedule for when air filters need to be changed and conduct regular inspections to look for wear and tear. Staying current with maintenance needs will lower the chances of major damages that could cost extra.

How to Avoid Maintenance Mistakes Landlords Make

The best way to avoid maintenance mistakes landlords make is to have a property manager handle requests and schedule routine inspections. You can still have control over what gets fixed and by whom when you log in to your account. However, you won't have to worry about jobs getting done or finding maintenance workers.

Get started with maintenance management by contacting us today.