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Eviction Protection for Property Managers: Laws and Preparation

System - Thursday, March 28, 2024

Are you thinking about evicting a bad tenant? Don't get caught off guard by the cost of eviction. Eviction court costs and other fees can sometimes deter landlords from evicting bad tenants.

However, a property management company can offer some cushioning. With an eviction protection plan in Charlotte, NC, your cash flow is protected. Keep reading to learn more about eviction protection.

Understanding Eviction Protection

Landlords and property managers can benefit from eviction protection plans. These programs are typically offered by a property management company. It involves the company covering the costs of an eviction.

If you've never had to evict a tenant before, you might not understand the associated costs, such as:

  • Court filing fees
  • Service of court documents
  • Constable/Sheriff fees
  • Court costs
  • Attorney fees

Eviction can get expensive, especially if you end up in court. These costs can easily add up to over $1,000. However, a judge may align with the landlord and force the tenant being evicted to pay legal fees.

If the judge sides with the tenant, landlords are forced to cover eviction costs themselves. In some cases, an eviction plan will help.

Always read the fine print of an eviction program. Some property management companies only cover costs associated with an uncontested eviction that doesn't go to court.

Should You Exercise Your Right to Evict?

There are legal reasons you must follow to evict a tenant. The most common reasons include:

Evictions can be stressful, but you should always exercise your right to evict. In the long run, keeping a bad tenant can cost more money and damage.

Evicting a tenant can be uncomfortable, but it's sometimes necessary. You can outsource this task to a property manager. They can handle the legal processes on your behalf.

Eviction Laws in Charlotte, NC

The basic process of eviction involves filling out forms, serving the tenant, attending an eviction hearing, and waiting for the judgment.

The main eviction laws surrounding tenant eviction in Charlotte involve legal eviction reasons. You cannot evict a tenant without good cause.

Tenants can stay in their units until the end of the lease duration. However, if a tenant decides not to renew their lease but doesn't leave the property, they become a "holdover" tenant.

Landlords can evict a holdover tenant who refuses to leave the property. This is true if only a day has passed since the lease ends. The lease is a legally binding document that both parties must follow.

We Help Maximize Your Rental Income

An eviction protection plan from Wilkinson Property Management can help you maximize your rental income. Most landlords don't allocate funds for an eviction. These unexpected costs can affect your cash flow.

With an eviction program, some or all of your costs are covered under certain circumstances.

Additionally, our professional property management team offers tenant screening and tenant placement to minimize the risk of a bad tenant.

We've been in business since 1999 and are ready to help Charlotte landlords like you. Contact us today to get started.