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Why You Need Property Management for Your Charlotte Properties

System - Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Has there ever been a better time to own real estate in the good city of Charlotte? Young people are flocking to the city in record numbers, and property values are rising along with the population boom. 

Don't waste time taking advantage of this booming market. People who rent apartments or homes could make a lot of money if they play their cards right.

Have you ever considered getting the help of a property manager? Let's face it; property management is incredibly involved and essential if you want to make any real money. 

Not sure if professional property management is the route you want to go down? If you aren't convinced that you need help managing your property investments, you'll be eager to find property management help in Charlotte by the time you finish reading this post. Here's all of the good having the right property management help on your side can do for you. 

Manage Marketing

How do you currently go about advertising your property? Most people reading this may mention a real estate site or two and some local listings. Others may rely entirely on word of mouth. Regardless of the current marketing methods you use, we can guarantee that the right property management company can improve your current setup. 

Property management companies know the true ins and outs of how to put together a proper listing. They'll be able to advertise your property on multiple real estate sites and get you the leads that you need.

Just having the name of a property management company associated with your rental can be great marketing. It shows that you take renting your property seriously and can give people peace of mind for safety and professionalism. 

Properly Screen Tenants 

If you want to find a good tenant for your home, you're going to have to go beyond taking one of their recent paystubs. 

People like to talk about how difficult it can be to find good landlords, but they've clearly never had to worry about finding a good tenant. You're putting a lot of trust into future tenants since they'll be living out of your property. The wrong tenant can cause property damage or legal headaches for years to come.

Instead of having to handle the entire screening process on your own, let the professionals take over. 

Property management companies are comprehensive when they have to screen tenants. They think about income, past incidents, and criminal records and tend to be excellent judges of character. 

It's also worth noting that property management companies often keep excellent records. Changing rules around eviction in the city and other tenants/owner rights make having the right people on your side an invaluable asset. 

Perform Routine Mainteance 

It can be easy to fall behind on maintenance when you rent out the property. Regardless of if you're managing several properties scattered around the area or a few within walking distance, managing all of the work isn't easy. 

Owners that really want to treat their apartments and houses like true investment properties need to do more than problem maintenance. You can't just come out and examine things whenever there's a broken pipe or damaged wall. You need to invest in maintenance, so your property is kept in tip-top condition. 

This is another great reason to rely on a property management company to handle your needs. They'll be able to handle routine maintenance and do some extras to help make your property more comfortable and appealing. Repainting the walls, shampooing carpets, and keeping the outside tidy may be a lot of work, but it can pay off with happy residents. 

Handle Rent 

If you view your property as a form of passive income, you need to make sure that you're staying on top of rent. Collecting rent should be a bit more involved than seeing if a check is cleared or receiving a Venmo payment. If you don't have a system for managing rent, it can be straightforward for things to fall to the wayside. 

It's easy to keep track of missing payments, but do you have a running list of who has been consistently paying rent late? Do you know who recently had a check bounce? Having a property management company on your side can make it much easier to keep track of these matters. 

Managing rent also involves setting the rent. How can you be sure that your rental rate is reasonable enough to attract new renters and ensure that you're able to make money? 

Property management companies understand the market better than many owners. Their expertise in the local market can help ensure that your rental prices are competitive and profitable. 

Deal With Headaches 

You've had an excellent relationship with your tenant for the past 5 years, but you feel like they're taking advantage of your kindness by submitting another late rent payment. The maintenance company you've relied on for years is suddenly tripling their rate, and they want to lock you into another contract today. Tenants are complaining about one noisy neighbor, but the neighbor claims that they're the ones that are being loud. 

It seems like there's always something to deal with when you're renting property. Instead of spending your time dealing with tenant disputes and repeating your known rules, let someone else handle the headaches. 

One of the best things about property management companies is that they can be impartial when it comes to matters. You don't have to worry about past interactions or relationships. They're concerned about your bottom line above all else. 

Property Management From the Pros

Property management can be what you need to bring your rental game to the next level. They can help with everything from maintenance and screenings to marketing and general management. 

Now that you know the power of great property management, are you ready to find some help?

Whether you need help today or want to talk about potential future needs, we're here to talk. Contact us today so we can think about the best way to handle your Charlotte property management needs.